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If you are using job folders, whiteboard and even Google Calendar, this FREE app will help your shop communicate with each other. It takes all the customer information, the hand or digital drawing, job sites photos, all of it now in one place on your phone or computer.

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You don’t have to change anything about how you do things for now, but adding the one job in 3 minutes will help you and everyone involved more than you can imagine. I promise you will not remember what it was like before this. And its absolutely free.

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SPEEDfolder is an app created by fabricators for fabricators. Our goal is simply to find solutions to help other fabricators and this tool does just that. Some of our other tools like SPEEDlabel and ELaser digital measuring are not free, and one day when you are ready for those let us know.

Make it easy.

ONE DAY you always wanted to move from paper folders and a white board to putting that info online. Today can be DAY ONE.

The information on your white board can go directly into Google Calendar easily

SPEEDfolder integrates seamlessly with your Google Calendar! Your events in Google Calendar, like Measure and Install, will now have all the Job information without any re-typing or mistakes. Even your drawings and files, will be accessible through the Google Calendar/ SPEEDfolder integration.

Facts & Questions

Have a question? Read through our FAQ below. If you can't find an answer,
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SPEEDfolder is a simple free solution for storing all your job info online and sharing it with your team. It also integrates all of that info seamlessly with Google Calendar. SPEEDlabel is a software specific to making and printing synthetic labels for your shop with your job info. SPEEDlabel requires a monthly subscription and purchase of a printer and labels. Two totally different solutions.

SPEEDfolder is free for fabricators, thanks to the generosity of industry sponsors. In the app, sponsors will occasionally present to users advertisements for new products and promotions.

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No, it works alongside your Google Calendar. It makes it so you can be in both software’s seamlessly with the same information.

No, SPEEDfolder has a basic way for you to save event types and dates without integrating with Google Calendar. However, some day when you want a more powerful free calendar, you may want to try out Google Calendar. 1 Billion people must use it for some reason?

#1 WE ARE FABRICATORS FOR THE LAST 35 Years. We started doing Formica laminate and still do it today! We remember when stone was just a few shops. We just felt the countertop industry needed a simple free solution for the smaller shops to take that first step towards digital. Communication is one of the main problems without a digital solution, its an easy problem to solve. We are fabricators and we love this industry and we love finding ways to help fellow fabricators, its our number one passion.

Yes! There are a lot of great more advanced countertop software solutions out there, some day if your business grows and you are ready we will help move all of your SPEEDfolder data to one of them. We would love to see you outgrow SPEEDfolder some day.

Absolutely not, SPEEDfolder is not designed to replace those more advanced solutions. It does not do quoting or inventory or other specialized functions. Its just a simple easy way for you to get started storing your info digitally and sharing with your shop and field. Don’t overthink this.

Our suggestion, just input one job. Try it, its free. Then if you like what you see, show some co-workers, family members etc. You don’t have to change anything you are doing now? For as long as you want, keep doing both the manual folders and whiteboard and SPEEDfolder together. If you start to see the benefits of SPEEDfolder then you can look at making changes to the whiteboard or paper folder over time. Don’t change anything until it feels right. You will know when, it will feel natural. ONE day you will save and share job information online, or today can be day ONE.

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There is no reason not to try it, in less than 5 minutes, you can enter a job, create an event in Google Calendar with all the job info, take a picture of the drawing or jobsite, all in one place. And its absolutely FREE, not a free trial, but simply free. Make today, Day One of your digital change. Try one job in the next 5 minutes.

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